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Why do customers prefer on-demand food delivery Apps?

Buying goods and services online and having them delivered to your home or workplace has been a booming business for years, but in a pandemic, it accelerates significantly.What was once considered a luxury had become a necessity in 2020. In all regions of the world, users have increased by more than 17%. The truth is that the customers want everything to be available with a single click. That is why on-demand delivery applications have turned into an integral part of our lives. The delivery application industry is extremely active, developing, and evolving at a quick pace. The good news is that the market isn’t monopolized, and demand is outpacing supply, so there’s room for everybody.

Although on-demand applications offer a wide range of services, including clothing,
pharmaceuticals, and other consumer products, most people immediately equate on-demand delivery with food delivery, especially when it comes to COVID-19.

  • As per Statista, In 2021, over 1.6 billion people worldwide used some form of online food delivery service.
  • In the Online Food Delivery segment, the number of users is expected to reach 2,691.0m users by 2026.
  • According to Business of Apps in 2020, Uber Eats generated revenue of $4.8 billion, with a 152 percent increase year-on-year.

The significance of the online meal ordering system can be seen in the following graphs.According to experts, the food delivery sector is growing 300 percent faster than the restaurant industry, signaling that it’s time to consider developing a delivery app.

The Benefits and Considerations of Choosing a Restaurant POS System


On-demand food delivery applications let customers order food from numerous restaurants on their doorstep without trading off their work routine. The demand for online food delivery services is expanding because customers want convenience and accessibility. Customers are used to web-based business sites and expect a similar experience with the on-demand food delivery services on the web. On-demand food delivery apps allow customers to look at the price and menu, and there’s the crucial one: prior customers’ restaurant ratings.

2.Convenience and Simplicity

On-demand food delivery services appeal to customers because of their convenience and simplicity. Food should be delivered on time to preserve a strong customer connection. For this, delivery apps employ an innovation module incorporating route optimization and real-time tracking. The number of restaurants, mode of payment, and real-time tracking make the food delivery business appealing and convenient. On-demand food delivery applications are to give clients the predominant adaptable experience. Also, it offers advantages to restaurant owners to oversee deliveries and communicates with clients to provide the best experience.


An order for on-demand meal delivery usually takes about 30 minutes to complete. The delivery process can be improved by using real-time tracking, route optimization, task automation, scheduling, and delivery management tools. Customers can also place orders with a single swipe. The entire food delivery process will be extremely convenient for both customers and business owners.


Using a third-party delivery team is the best option in an aggregator-based food-delivery business strategy. The on-demand meal delivery industry frequently collaborates with eateries that handle food deliveries. To put it another way, a business owner should not be concerned about transportation. Clients also prefer to order food from on-demand food delivery services to save money and time. However, if you already have a restaurant and are looking for ways to promote it, online delivery may be the ideal option for you.

5.Offers and Promotions

Offers and promotions are a great way to get clients’ attention. It benefits both customers and restaurants, as restaurants increase their order volume by tempting customers with special discounts. Customers receive a discount on their order amount as well as rebates when they place an order.Customers might be enticed to place more orders by offering cashback.

The delivery application industry is extremely active, developing, and evolving at a quick pace. As per a study by Statista, The market size of the global online food delivery sector was estimated at 130.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2022. By 2027, This figure was expected to grow to 223.7 billion U.S. dollars. The good news is that the market isn’t monopolized, and demand is outpacing supply, so there’s room for everybody.

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