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Retail Management Solution
  • Tigabits Retail Management Solution is an all-inclusive platform designed to help retailers of all sizes manage their business operations more efficiently. From inventory management to customer engagement, our Retail Management Solution offers a suite of features that can help businesses streamline their operations, increase productivity, and enhance customer experiences.

The Features of Tigabits Retail Management Solution

Cloud POS

Tigabits Retail Management Solution offers a cloud-based point-of-sale system that enables businesses to process transactions quickly and efficiently. The system is accessible from any device with an internet connection, making it easy to use from anywhere.

Cloud POS
Inventory Mangement

Inventory Management

Tigabits Retail Management Solution provides businesses with real-time inventory tracking, allowing them to manage stock levels and avoid overstocking or stock-outs. The system also generates automatic reorder notifications when stock levels run low.

Order Management

Tigabits Retail Management Solutions order management feature enables businesses to process and manage orders seamlessly, from processing to shipping and delivery. The system also generates automatic notifications to customers when their orders are shipped or ready for pickup.

Order Mangement
Day Close And Day Shift

Day Close and Day Shift Options

Tigabits Retail Management Solutions offers day close and day shift options that enable businesses to manage their operations efficiently. Day close allows businesses to reconcile their sales at the end of each business day, while day shift enables them to manage multiple shifts seamlessly.


Tigabits Retail Management Solutions offers a range of discount options, including spot discounts, store offers, and coupon discounts, to help businesses attract and retain customers.

Return & Refunds

Returns and Refunds

Tigabits Retail Management Solutions provides businesses with a streamlined returns and refunds process, enabling them to manage customer returns efficiently and maintain customer satisfaction.

Analytics and Reporting

Tigabits Retail Management Solutions offers detailed analytics and reporting capabilities that enable businesses to gain insights into their operations. The system provides reports on sales trends, customer behavior, and inventory levels, enabling businesses to make informed decisions.

Analytics & Reporting
Payment Integration

Payment Integration

Tigabits Retail Management Solutions provides businesses with seamless payment integration, enabling them to accept payments from various sources, including credit cards and mobile payments.

Benefits Of Retail
Management Solution

Image Multi-channel Integration

    Inventory Management   

Image Improved Efficiency

    Customer Experience   

image Decision-Making

    Improved Efficiency   

image Inventory Management


image Improved Reporting

    Improved Reporting   

Retail Management Solutions Use Cases

Grocery & Supermarkets

Grocery & Supermarkets

Home Goods & Furniture

Home Goods & Furniture

Pharmaceuticals & Health

Pharmaceuticals & Health

Apparel & Fashion store

Apparel & Fashion store

Electronics & Technology

Electronics & Technology

Toys & Games

Toys & Games

FAQS ...

What is a Retail Management Solution?

A Retail Management Solution is a software system designed to help businesses manage their retail operations, including inventory management, sales, customer data, and analytics. It offers tools and features to help businesses streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and make informed decisions.

What features should I look for in a Retail Management Solution?

Some essential features to look for in a Retail Management Solution include inventory management, point-of-sale, order management, customer management, reporting and analytics, and payment integration. Other features like discount management, return management, and multi-channel integration can also be valuable.

How does a Retail Management Solution help with inventory management?

Our Retail Management Solution can help with inventory management by providing real-time inventory tracking, automatic reorder notifications, stock level alerts, and sales trend analysis. It enables businesses to optimize their stock levels, reduce stock-outs and overstocking, and make informed decisions about inventory management.

Can a Retail Management Solution integrate with my eCommerce website?

Yes, our Retail Management Solutions offer multi-channel integration, including eCommerce websites, social media platforms, and other online marketplaces. This integration allows businesses to provide a seamless shopping experience for their customers across all channels.

Is a Retail Management Solution suitable for small businesses?

Yes, our Retail Management Solution is designed to assist businesses of all sizes, including small enterprises. We provide a variety of features and tools that can aid small businesses in optimizing their operations, controlling inventory, and enhancing customer experiences.

How can I choose the right Retail Management Solution for my business?

Choosing the right Retail Management Solution depends on your business's unique needs and requirements. Consider factors such as your business size, industry, budget, and growth plans when evaluating different solutions. It's also essential to look for a system that offers scalability, flexibility, and ease of use.Remarkably, our solution stands out as it encompasses all these qualities, making it the ideal choice to propel your business forward.