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B2B Solution
  •  Comprehensive platform for B2B procurement
  •  Streamlines operations for businesses
  •  Increases efficiency in procurement processes
  •  Offers a high return on investment (ROI) for businesses

Features ...

Muti Pricing

Offer customized multi-pricing based on customer login on your B2B portal with an inbuilt pricing overrides feature. Plan better cost management and profit margins by offering custom prices to different customers based on their order volume, order frequency, geolocation, or any other factor. Facilitate multi-currency checkouts for better international conversions on your B2B website.

Muti Pricing
Form Builder

Form Builder

This feature allows you to create inbuilt or custom forms to gather required inputs from your B2B customers. This can help speed up business processes and gain additional information and insights into customer requirements, as well as improve your marketing ROI by setting up dynamic forms.

RFQ (Request For Quatation)

Make your B2B sales cycle faster and conversion-oriented by managing your quotes better with an inbuilt RFQ feature. Easily process various RFQs automatically by assigning them to the relevant vendors on your B2B marketplace. Help your wholesale buyers make better purchase decisions by giving them the option to compare, accept, reject, and choose from the best RFQ responses offered by the sellers.

Bulk-Order Processing

Bulk-Order Processsing

Save time and make your B2B eCommerce business processes more efficient and error-free with bulk order processing. No need to go for repeated manual processing, use the one-click bulk order processing to handle hundreds of orders in one go.

Tiered Pricing

Easily implement and manage tiered pricing on your B2B marketplace. Set up and manage a variety of multi-level prices (like volume-based pricing, rule-based prices, min-max quantity-based pricing, customer segment, or customer-specific pricing) to attract different buyer segments and boost your profit margin.

Tiered pricing


65% of B2B eCommerce buyers prefer content in their native language. Convert your wholesale website into multiple languages to connect better with your domestic and international customers. Get full support for RTL languages like Arabic, Hebrew, etc. for static as well as dynamic content. Use the power of language-specific content for better marketing and higher conversions.

Reorder ...

Quick and easy reordering is one of the most important B2B eCommerce features because it can lead to a boost in Customer Experience by removing friction from the buying process. This is especially important for B2B buyers, as reorders are one of their most common workflows. By streamlining the reordering process, businesses can save time and effort, ultimately improving their experience and increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases.

Customizable Portals

Customizable Portals

Customizable B2B eCommerce portals simplify purchasing workflows and improve the customer experience by assigning roles and permissions to users, allowing them to see only relevant items and features. A promotions engine lets merchants offer customer-specific discounts, leading to increased loyalty and repeat business.

Benefits Of
Buisness to Buisness Solution

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    Flexible Commission    

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    Payment Gateways    

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FAQS ...

What is a B2B Solution?

B2B (business-to-business) software solutions offer a range of benefits tailored to the needs of businesses that operate within the B2B ecosystem.

How Can a B2B Software Solution Benefit My Business?

A B2B software solution offers various benefits, including streamlined order processing, customized pricing and quoting, efficient inventory management, improved customer relationship management, and data-driven insights for informed decision-making. It enhances overall operational efficiency and supports B2B growth.

Is your B2B Software Solution customisable?

Yes, Our B2B software solutions are designed with customisation in mind. They can be modified to accommodate your business-specific requirements.

Can B2B Software integrate with our existing software?

Yes, Our B2B solutions offer integration capabilities, allowing them to connect with existing systems such as ERP, CRM tools, and accounting software.