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Delivery Management Solution
Delivery Management Solution
  •  Comprehensive Platform
  •  Streamline Operations
  •  Increase Efficiency
  •  High ROI

Features ...

Simplifies delivery management with a centralized platform for real-time tracking and managing all deliveries from one panel. The software offers a complete overview of delivery operations, enabling efficient tracking of every aspect from a central location.

Manage All Deliveries in One Place

Simplifies delivery management with a centralized platform for real-time tracking and management of all deliveries from one single panel. The software offers a complete overview of delivery operations, enabling efficient tracking of every aspect from a central location.

Manage All Deliveries in One Place
Auto Pickup & Delivery Dispatch

Auto Pickup & Delivery Dispatch

Automate your delivery dispatch to the nearest available and free delivery agent. Achieve the best delivery tracking experience with our efficient and streamlined software solution.

Route Optimization

Allows drivers to choose the most efficient routes and help create the most cost and time-efficient routes for delivery.

Route Optimization
Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking

Track your delivery agents live on our delivery management app, providing real-time updates on their progress.

Performance Analytics

Gain valuable insights and optimize your delivery operations with the help of Tigabits delivery management solution.

Performance Analytics

Integration ...

Seamlessly integrate your existing order management portals and website. Streamline your operations and improve efficiency with this simple and effective solution.

Ratings & Review

Improve your delivery service and gather customer feedback through Tigabits delivery management solution.

Ratings & Review
Return Management

Return Management

Simplify the entire return process with cutting-edge return management functionalities, designed to offer a hassle-free experience for return and refund.

Pay-Ins & Pay-Outs Management

A robust pay-in and pay-out management system, to handle the financial transactions involved in the delivery process smoothly and securely.

Pay-Ins & Pay-Outs Management

Benefits of having Tiga Delivery Management Solution

Improved Efficiency Improved Efficiency

Improved Efficiency

Tigabits Delivery Management Solution provides a centralized platform for managing all delivery operations. This allows you to streamline your processes, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency.

Enhanced Customer Experience Enhanced Customer Experience

Enhanced Customer

With real-time tracking, route optimization, and performance analytics, you can ensure that your customers receive their orders on time, every time.

Cost Savings Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Tigabits Delivery Management Solution helps you optimize delivery routes and minimize idle time for your drivers. This reduces fuel costs, vehicle wear and tear, and other associated expenses.

Increased Productivity Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

By automating your delivery dispatch and providing real-time tracking, you can free up your staff's time and allow them to focus on other important tasks.

Scalability Scalability


Tigabits Delivery Management Solution is designed to scale with your business. As your order volume increases, you can easily add more drivers, routes, and locations.

Integration Integration


Tigabits Delivery Management Solution seamlessly integrates with your existing order management portals and website. This simplifies your operations and improves efficiency.

Who Can Use The Delivery Management Solution?

In order to improve delivery management efficiency, build better processes, fulfill more orders, and create happy customers, we offer delivery management software for delivery-based businesses. All businesses related to pickup and delivery management can enjoy the benefits of Tigabits Delivery management solution.

Gift Delivery
Grocery Delivery
Retail Chains
Meat Delivery
Milk Delivery
Restaurants & Food Chains
Pharmacies & Medical
Wholesalers & Distributors
eCommerce Retailers
Courier & Logistics
Fashion eCommerce

FAQS ...

What is Delivery Management Solution?

Tigabits Delivery Management Solution is a software tool used to manage the delivery process of goods and services, including dispatching and routing deliveries, real-time tracking, and communication with customers and drivers. The main purpose of our delivery management software is to optimize and streamline the delivery process, improve accuracy and speed, enhance customer satisfaction, and provide valuable data and insights to make informed business decisions. This software can be used by businesses of all sizes, including courier and delivery companies, eCommerce businesses, and retailers.

How does the delivery routing system assist in growing my delivery business?

Our delivery management system can assist in growing a delivery business by:
1. Streamlining operations, reducing manual errors, and saving time.
2. Improving dispatch, tracking, and communication with customers.
3. Providing real-time data and analytics to make informed business decisions.
4. Offering flexible and customizable delivery options.
5. Increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction through automation.
6. Facilitating scalability as the business grows.

What are the features of Tigabits Delivery management software?

1. Route optimization
2. Real-time tracking
3. Delivery scheduling
4. Driver management
5. Customer notification
6. Electronic proof of delivery
7. Payment Collection
8. Dispatch management
9. Reporting and analytics
10. Integration with other systems

How does Tigabits Delivery Management system work?

1. Orders are received: Orders are received either through an online platform or through manual entry into the delivery management software.
2. Route optimization: The delivery management system uses algorithms to optimize delivery routes, taking into account factors such as traffic, distance, and delivery time windows.
3. Scheduling and dispatch: Delivery schedules are created based on the optimized routes and assigned to drivers or delivery teams.
4. Real-time tracking: The delivery management system uses GPS to track the progress of deliveries in real time, providing updates to customers and dispatchers.
5. Collect payment from customers by cash or through card payment
6. Proof of delivery: Drivers can use the delivery management system to collect signatures or other forms of proof of delivery, which are then stored electronically.
7. Analytics and reporting: The delivery management system provides real-time data and reports on delivery performance, allowing businesses to identify areas for improvement and optimize their delivery processes.