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Why Fashion Brands Prefer Their Own Online Fashion Store?

The fashion business is more than big; it’s the biggest of the big. So, it is no surprise that there is a great demand for fashion in the fast-developing digital environment at our fingertips.

  • According to Statista, In 2021, the global eCommerce fashion industry reached an overall market value of 668 billion U.S. dollars.
  • The online clothing and apparel industry is expected to reach a value of 1.2 trillion U.S. dollars by 2025.

For this reason, the success of a fashion brand is now at the forefront of its mobile marketing skills. Reaching out to the audience to stay top of mind and stimulate repeat purchases. According to research, 33% of all fashion purchases are by mobile devices – and many more are made in-store after browsing online. In developed countries, the figures are higher than this.

In this case, it is always a better idea to get a unique eCommerce website built for your brand or retail store. So, we are linting some reasons that might attract you into getting a separate web just for your brand:

1.No Competition

Since only your brand products will be displayed on the web, the users are likely to be less distracted and shop what they see. Also, it doesn’t give them a chance to look at similar products on the platform and will help you increase sales and get direct and loyal customers.

2.Data Analytics

A fashion eCommerce website for a brand helps them get information about each user registering and looking for apparel and accessories on your website. These brands are likely to understand the likes and preferences of their users with the help of data analytics and later recommend products that are of importance to them, rather than flooding their phones with promotional messages of unwanted products.

3.Audience Feedback

The brands that have their presence in the web world are always open to opinions and feedback, as it helps them serve their customers better. In addition, a support team is always there to assist the customers and help them make purchasing an easy task.

4.Customer Targeting and Marketing

eCommerce website owners can create a demographic that shows the age and gender of those who shop the most from their web. Then, based on these data, they can target their audience and customers to get maximum returns.
Trying to sell your product to everyone may save you money; while setting up demographics may help you stand out from the crowd because you will only reach those looking for the products you offer through your web.
Because a brand knows about their customers’ preferences and tastes, they can easily send product recommendations that match their search criteria. They will not be bombarded with useless advertisements of products of no interest or use.

5.Reaching the Widest Zone of Niche Markets

If, on the one hand, the eCommerce website allows you to exhibit your products to global audiences, it also offers the chance to reach the most expansive zone of excellent markets for those dealing in clothing and fashion.  Social media integration and a mobile-friendly website go hand in hand, and the fashion industry cannot be left behind.

6.Revenue Growth

Gaining your customer’s trust is the ultimate achievement of every eCommerce application. All fashion brands want their customers to be loyal and return to them for their fashion apparel and accessories. So, you might also experience an increase in loyal customers and revenue if you preserve your customers’ trust and give them a sense of belonging.

Furthermore, customers can get a personal feel while shopping online as they are assisted with help 24*7, which makes them more comfortable with the brand.

How Online Fashion Store improve the shopping experience

Online shopping consists of browsing, researching, and purchasing a product. eCommerce websites or mobile apps help customers go through these steps faster, easier, and more fun. How? First of all, once customers download your app, the app is installed on the user’s home screen. So every time they are planning to make a purchase, your brand will be the first that comes to mind. So long as they’ve installed the app, your store is always just a click away. This is massive.

Next, the experience of an eCommerce website or mobile app is much smoother and more intuitive than visiting the store. But, again, this is an essential factor in how much you end up selling.


The web or app is built expertly to significantly serve the customers’ needs and improve the customer experience. With the website or app built specifically for customers’ comfort, they can select their preference for a more personalized experience.
The website or app aims to provide the best-customized application that works most suitable for clients’ needs. Therefore, the application caters to business requirements and provides the best service.

Push Notifications and Special Offers

You can constantly remind customers of updates about the latest collections, deals, and the app’s upgrades, to entice the shopping experience; this will help to increase the customer base and get good word of mouth. Additionally, customers can choose to receive text–message-styled pop-up notifications on their screens; it is becoming a whole new marketing channel. Email opening rates are going down, and organic social reach is shrinking. You can share the new offer directly on your customers’ home screen.


As you can see, when it comes to online apparel industry trends and growth, the only sure thing is that nothing is certain. But, overall, you can expect another year of moving towards more sustainable fashion, with brands competing directly to win over their customers with an eCommerce website, mobile app, and social media. So as a merchant, it is crucial to have a mobile-friendly website or app to earn profits due to the high demand for technological ease.

The golden rule is to provide the customers with the best you have, reciprocating. Everything other than this customer response is unpredictable. The safest method to prepare for the eCommerce fashion industry with the eCommerce website or mobile app is to:

  • Ensure a better customer experience

  • Adopt personalization

  • Work on your social media marketing strategies

  • Explore AI, AR, and VR

  • Be updated  

Think about your consumers. What do you know about them? One thing is for sure; they own a Smartphone. And they use it a lot. So, what could be a better excuse to create an online fashion store for your brand?

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