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Why Your Restaurant Needs A Restaurant Management Solution For Exceptional Growth?

Hey, Do you remember that time when someone came into your business and asked whether they can pay by UPI? And you didn’t have that. And then another person came and asked the same, and another, and another, and you finally decided to get one for your shop? Yea, we all have been there.

Getting a QR Code for UPI payments is probably the first pace to becoming smart most of you have taken. And if you are feeling like you are a very well integrated and technologically advanced and upgraded by just installing a QR Code in your counter, well we’ve got bad news for you.

Well, as said before if you remember the time before UPI you definitely would have noticed the ease and rapidity of cashless transactions as well. As technology is growing, there is so much more it can do than receive online payment. Like a lot. But the question here is whether you want to wait till someone comes and ask do you have this like last time or if are you going to embrace technology, upgrade your firm and get ahead of the curve. So if you own a food or beverage outlet, good for you, you have to read this. 

So here at Tigabits, we provide complete Restaurant Management Solutions. Yours is not a restaurant? Oh, I’m sorry but it’s what it is called. But it can also work for from a chat shop to a cloud kitchen.

What is A Restaurant Management System?

A Restaurant Management System is system with hardware and especially software components that will help you run your enterprise with much ease and a better coordination. We plan, design and construct the system according to your very needs and requirements, so that you can have a very relaxed and hassle free management of your enterprise, but still always being in control. From small cafes to chain outlets our professionals will provide you with what you have in mind and much more. Everything you need, from Billing, Cloud Point of Sale, Restaurant Point of Sale, QR Code Menu, Food Delivery System Setup including Food Ordering App, Delivery Agent App and Vendor App, and much more.


1. Cloud Point of Sale Solutions

A Cloud Point of Sale System or Simply Cloud POS is a point of sale system that works with the help of internet that help you process payments from multiple channels at the same time. Don’t worry it could also work on offline mode if something happens to the internet connection so that you can put that worry away. Cloud POS system undertake all payment transactions and updates them in an online server which is a lot better than on your local computer. The information can be accessed from anywhere so that it can be of great help if your business have or is planning to have multiple outlets. Even though you can’t be physically present everywhere all at once, with the help of an integrated Restaurant Management System you can manage all of them from the same place, much easier than managing just one without it.

We understand that security might also be an issue since we said it’s all working through the web. Our servers are secure as you bank locker and since all the information is stored in the cloud the safe can be accessed even if something happens to you computer as well. It doesn’t always have to be a computer; it can also run on any device like a tablet or even a smart phone.



  • Android tab
    Android tab
  • Cash drawer
    Cash drawer
  • KOT Printer
    KOT Printer
  • Handheld mobile POS
    Handheld mobile POS


  • Android POS
    Android POS
  • Captain/ Waiter
    Captain/ Waiter App
  • Vendor Mobile App
    Vendor Mobile App
  • Vendor Web Panel
    Vendor Admin Panel

2. QR Menu

And so we all were advised to not to touch anything if it’s not really necessary, especially in public places, since we are only recovering from those tough times a QR Menu can be if great significance. A QR Menu is a virtual menu card just like the one you’ve been handing over to your customers. Scan the QR Code and the Menu will pop up on your phone. No need to touch the real menu card that have been touched by a thousand people before you making it a much safer option these times demand. Another advantage for you is that it is no longer a requirement to reprint anything if you want to add an item, get rid of one or even to change the prices. Update, edit and redesign your menu whenever and however you want without changing the QR code not even once.

  • Mobile-friendly menu
  • Admin Mobile App
  • Web Admin Panel
  • Handheld mobile POS

3. Online Food Ordering

Everybody knows what an online food ordering system is. As some proportion of people have made up the decision to not to come to a restaurant, since the Covid we could actually take our services to them. An online food ordering system enables one to look through the menu, choose the item they want, order it and have it delivered to their door step. Most of these are operations are undertaken by third party delivery aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy. And also if you’ve your own app and websites orders will be coming through there as well. You can get instant updates about these orders from multiple channels a lot faster and have them integrated together in a much better and convenient way with the help of a Restaurant Management System.

  • Mobile-friendly Website
  • Customer Mobile App (IOS & Android)
  • Vendor Mobile App
  • Vendor Admin panel

4. Delivery Solutions

Also since Third party aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy are not doing it for free their profit will also be included in the price they’re taking from your customers. If you think about it someone else is taking a profit from your customers for the food you make for them. But that might not be the case if one of your employees could do that as well. With our Apps and software intervention you can make it possible with much ease. No, it’s not going to be that complicated or too much as you might have said just now in your mind. Once the Restaurant Management System is online your employees will be able to make time for other services like delivering since a lot of hard works have been already undertaken by the system.

  • Delivery agent app
  • Delivery manager dashboard

Benefits of having a Restaurant Management System

1. Improve Customer Relations


The most valuable asset of any enterprise is none other than its customers. Preserving the loyalty of the customers can be hard especially when competition is high. So what you should do is to give them the best of everything possible. A restaurant management system can help with that in a lot of ways. When the system take cares of most of the things the employees can actually focus on other aspects like quality service. The system arranges, take booking, and receive payments through multiple channels and much more gifting you satisfied and happy customers.


2. Automated Sales Tracking


Unlike us, a system never gets tired. It works 24X7 all day if you want it to. Your firm might have a lot of cash and online transactions going on everyday to an extent it is almost impossible to keep track of the cash flow manually. But the system will do it for you in a much better way than you ever could. No offense.


3. Easy Analysis


You’re still counting the number of bills that came through the counter every night after the closing the outlet for the day, right? Cross checking the business, doing analysis investing the time you could spend with your family and friends? Well what if the system can do it for you? The system can record, calculate and analyze the data generation perfect reports, error free with the click of a button so that you can spend the time doing less boring stuff.


4.Satisfaction of Employees


The employees are actually the people who deal directly with the customers. A smiling face is always appealing to everyone including the customers. But if the employees are always doing hectic work and running around always, they might forget to smile.

 With the automation and efficiency the Restaurant Management System offers I assure you that it will definitely take away a lot of effort from the shoulders of your employees giving them enough time at least to catch a breath during rush hours. If your outlet is a bit wide or have multiple floors the system can do a lot of help in coordination so that they don’t have to run up and down every time. The system will also keep track of attendance and overtime work. Even though there is a lot the system can do we may still need them to cook and serve, well at least for now.


5. Reduction of Errors


As they say, Mistakes makes a man perfect. Sounds like a lame excuse, but Men make mistakes, not machines. As the system take over most of the aspects where there is a possibility of errors you can readily forget about those, because they will seize to exist anymore .


6. Escalate Productivity and manage human resources


As the system do time consuming activities like calculations analysis and physical movement to pass information your employees will have more time to focus on other things. The system will manage the cash register and you don’t even have to double check because the system makes no mistakes. All this will definitely add to helping you grow your business.


Change can always be scary, even if they’re for the good. As you have read all this and reached here hope you have all the information you need about Restaurant Management System and the growth it can help you achieve. The time is NOW. Don’t wait for everybody else, lead the way. Show them how it’s done. But if you’re still unsure you can have a demo that will help you understand the Restaurant Management System experience. But if you ask us we won’t think twice before saying that choosing an upgrade is the best thing to do in every way, promising and providing advantages to everyone from your customers who will get a better experience to your family and friends who get to see a more free, and relaxed you.

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