Hyperlocal Marketplace

Take Off Your Offline Delivery Business To Online

Hyperlocal Marketplace Solutions
  •  Fully Customizable
  •  A feature-rich marketplace platform for every business
  •  Affordable & easy intracity deliveries
  •  High ROI

Features Of Hyperlocal Marketplace

The ultimate tool for optimizing your restaurant’s management processes and enhances your overall efficiency.

Same-Day Delivery

Deliver orders within just a few hours of receiving them.

Same-Day Delivery

Integration ...

Easy integrations with chosen payment, shipping, marketing, accounting, CRM, warehousing, and any other software/service provider of choice.

Order Surge Management

Handle sudden order spikes easily using our feature-rich platform.

Order Surge Management
Point Of Sale

Point Of Sale (POS)

Connect your eCommerce store with your physical one, and sync store data seamlessly for sales, orders, stock, & promotions.

Delivery Management

Navigate multiple destinations while ensuring on-time delivery. Route optimization, real-time tracking, and more.

Order Surge Management
Point Of Sale

Easy Return and Refund

Return and refund options are essential for all marketplaces, including hyperlocal ones. These features should be available for all products except for those that don't offer returns. Offering return, refund, and cancellation options can attract more traffic to your website.

Benefits Of Hyperlocal
Marketplace Solution

Image Fast Deliveries

    Fast Deliveries    

Image Increased Efficiency

    Increased Efficiency   

Image Customer Loyality

    Customer Loyality    

Image Easy Integration

    Easy Integration    

Image Increased Sales

    Increased Sales    

Image Inventory Management

    Inventory Management   

Image Cost-Effective


Hyperlocal Use Case

Grocery Store

Grocery Store

Milk & Dairy Store

Milk & Dairy Store

Pharmacy Store

Pharmacy Store

Meat Delivery

Meat Delivery

Organic Product Store

Organic Product Store

Baby & Kids

Baby & Kids

Types Of Hyperlocal Marketplace

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Multi Vendor Hyperlocal Store

Get your hyperlocal delivery platform integrated with multiple vendors and let them display their products in the multi-vendor platform and gain credibility among your audience.

Single Store Hyperlocal Store

Build your own brand and promote your hyperlocal delivery platform and gain the attention of your target audience instantly with less effort.

Multi Store Hyperlocal Store

Manage your stores in multiple locations through your single hyperlocal delivery platform and control the business operation of all stores with a single back-end application.

FAQS ...

What is a hyperlocal marketplace?

A hyperlocal marketplace is an online multi-vendor marketplace that caters to customers in a specific geographic location or zone. The stores listed under the hyperlocal marketplace will be specific to the location and the delivery range.

What is the difference between hyperlocal and eCommerce marketplace?

Hyperlocal refers to all the businesses/stores in your vicinity. Hyperlocal marketplace focuses on fulfilling the immediate demand of the buyers from the nearest available store (location) in the shortest span of time in an optimized manner. On the other hand, an eCommerce marketplace can be serving customers in a vast geographical area, both in domestic and/or international markets. Typically orders from hyperlocal marketplaces are fulfilled in a few hours while orders from an eCommerce marketplace may take days or even weeks to be fulfilled.

Why should I choose this?

Are you a small eCommerce seller, a shopkeeper, or a homepreneur? If you are in the business of grocery, pharmaceuticals, personal care, etc., and have got small orders to deliver within a small radius, this would be a perfect choice.

Why start a hyperlocal marketplace?

Hyperlocal eCommerce business is growing at a rapid pace and disrupting the eCommerce sphere like never before. If you are into any businesses, such as pharmacy, grocery store, FMCG, restaurant, gifts, or any other everyday essentials, etc, then the hyperlocal marketplace can be pivotal for you. This is due to the demands of same-day doorstep delivery. Apart from that, some other benefits of hyperlocal marketplaces are: Less capital required No need for a warehouse, fewer logistics costs as delivery locations are nearby Very fast delivery, more vendors hence more profit.

Can I add a custom delivery partner or manage local delivery boys?

Yes, Tigabits provides carrier management functionality. With this feature, you can add a custom delivery partner or manage local delivery associates, easily right from your admin panel.

Can I set up multiple payment methods based on the geolocation?

Yes, Tigabits allows you to add payment methods based on geolocation. You can add payment based on the countries, cities, and ZIP codes.