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We, Tigabits, are a

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in UAE and India. Being among the leading, we have excelled as an Android apps development company along with IOS. We are your one-stop solution for all the digital support you ever need. Being one of the prime App Development companies, we have been pushing the limits of our excellence through the years, helping others grow and flourish. Regarding App Development, our company has been proposing, designing, and building Apps for a long time, helping people thrive in their enterprises and grasp their dreams.

Why Do You Need a
Mobile App
for your Business?

Well, if you have a device in size of your palm that, even though called a "phone," can do almost anything a computer can and much more, then you have to put it to good use, right? Today around 40 percent of the global population owns a Smartphone. This technological boom has paved paths for a better-connected future along with many others. If we think about it, we can find ways to turn it around to our advantage and grow to the heights we have always dreamt of. Having your very own custom-built mobile app is the next step to widening your business.

Benefits of Having Your Very Own App

  • Accessibility


    Many people will be drawn to how easy it is to access something. The greatest advantage of a mobile app is none other than easy accessibility. In this fast-moving world, an app could save a lot of time, and if you don't have one, they will go to somebody else who has one because people don't spare time and effort if they don't have to.

  • Customer Preferences

    Gets to Know Customer Preferences

    A mobile app development could enhance the communication gap between the organization and its clients. The apps can analyze and provide information about the buyers' preferences, likes, and shopping behavior to the business so that they can be used to make things easy and efficient for everyone.

  • Direct Communication with the Customers

    Direct Communication with the Customers

    An app could relieve the customers that they are being heard when they want to, which is impossible if they had to write emails whenever they have something to tell you.

  • Heighten the Loyalty towards the Brand

    Heighten the Loyalty towards the Brand

    If one's phone has an app that sells apples, they won't go anywhere else when the app is in one touch gateway to a virtual apple market when they want to buy apples. In the same way, this applies to every product there is, including your as well. An app can raise customer retention like any other.

  • Increase Brand Credibility

    Increase Brand Credibility

    When your customers hear that you are a company with a very own mobile app, they will unconsciously feel that these people are very sophisticated, which you are if you have one. This will increase the trust and loyalty they have towards your brand. A dedicated app will provide better security and scalability for every monetary or informative transaction

  • Boosts Brand Awareness

    Boosts Brand Awareness

    Suppose you have an app and a customer has downloaded your app every time they open their phone, which is a lot of times every day. In that case, they will see your app repeatedly, making them very familiar and intimate with your brand name, which is a good thing.

  • Free Marketing

    Free Marketing

    You can send one or two notifications to their phone through the app every day; they won't mind. This would constantly update them about product arrivals, new offers, or whatever is happening immediately, free of cost, which can break the bank if you are trying other methods.

  • Get you Ahead of the Competition

    Get you Ahead of the Competition

    If you have an app, if someone wants to compete with you, they must have an app too. So you are raising the barrier for everyone else in the same trade, making it an uneasy access.

Innovative & Custom Mobile App Development

Visualize your mobile app, bring it to life, then we make sure it’s found.
Find what you’re looking for. Partner with the industry’s top mobile application developers
to craft your mobile solution. Designed and developed for your target audience. Creating seamless and intuitive
mobile apps offering the best user experience is what our team are experts at.

Android App Development

It takes lots of effort, planning and research to create an app that succeeds. We want to take the work off your shoulders. We have an expert team of mobile app development professionals specializing in Android app design and development.

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Android App Development
iOS App Development

iOS App Development

Take Your Business To An Elite Class Of Customers

Grow your business with visually crafted iOS apps! Reaching out to financially strong community will be the best thing to strengthen your brand identity. Our iOS software developers ensure that your applications are engineered to make you future-forward businesses.

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Flutter App Development

Build Robust & Natively Compiled Experiences

Your digital product idea need not get limited to mobile phones. Our Flutter app developers will help you build platform-independent digital experiences that create a multi-platform existence. Right from finding the best product- market fit to seamlessly deploying your application across a number of platforms, our flutter developer can help you design, develop, test, and launch full-fledged Flutter apps.

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Flutter App Development

Fully Customized Mobile App Solutions For Your Business

We have experience working in many industries and put a lot of effort into meeting your needs with the best results.
We offer a customized service that allows you to have an application developed for your business needs.