Partnership helps businesses achieve greater productivity by focusing on their core competencies without wasting their two most precious resources: Time and Money. Our focus on emerging technologies, skilled and experienced resources, proven methodologies and adherence on quality and timeliness makes us an ideal choice as a software development partner.

Partnership Models

Fixed Price Model

When you have a defined vision and clear specifications about your project to be developed, we prefer Fixed Price Model. After drawing more inferences in a scoping session, we give you a set plan based on your project with cost estimates, and timelines. Setting up goals and milestones will help us both in meeting the requirements of the project. The payments will be based on set of deliverables tied to various payment milestones during the project timeline. This will help you keep a track of the progress and milestones achieved thereby minimizing risks.
Price Model
time Model
The design and expenses of the project shall be settled upon at the time of the signing of the contract and the implementation of the project shall be carried out in accordance with this. In case of additional changes that may occur due to market transitions, the cost and timeline of the project may vary. This process will be carried out with approval from both sides.
We understand that you are unique and it is important to deliver flexible solutions to cater to your project needs.
time Model

Time and Material Model

Time and Material Model is better when your project is continuously evolving and not clearly defined. We take your ideas, inputs, and project vision into consideration at every stage, to make sure the milestones set are flexible and open to changes. Payment will be based on the number of hours dedicated to each resource.
In this model, you as a client, are associated with the project’s progress on a regular basis. You will be the one to decide milestones in accordance with the priorities set by you.
You can make changes in the project more rapidly than with the fixed price model, and pay for the time our team spends actually working on it. You can alter team sizes, costs, and resources as per the market transitions. Nothing is fixed and well, that’s the beauty of it.

Dedicated Team

When your project is huge and time taking, this model will be the best for you. Based on the tasks we assign experts from our team, to your project. This increases the flexibility and nurtures the capability of your project.
This model gives you complete control over project and get you professionals who work as your own employees, eliminating the hiring, retaining, and administration stress, hence more value and flexibility
Our committed team of professionals will be at your service based on your specific need. For long term projects, this will be the most compatible engagement model.

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