Restaurant POS  System

Speed up your restaurant business with our Restaurant POS system

Are you struggling to manage your restaurant business? Hassle-free restaurant operations need a robust restaurant pos.
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  • Your restaurant operations are fully automated by our restaurant CloudPOS. The restaurant POS manages all aspects of your company, including orders, menus, invoices, and payments. Additionally, you will be able to provide a better client experience since your operations are effectively automated.
  • The cloud restaurant POS is independent of the restaurant's location; and all data can be accessed anywhere, and new features can be easily integrated into it. We manage the restaurant in every size and stage.
Product Features
Our products are designed with essential features to support the success of your business.
Billing & KOT
Inventory Management
Menu Management
Table Management
Delivery Integrations
Detailed Reporting
Integrated KDS
Multi-device Support
99.99% Uptime
Restaurant POS System - How Does It Work
food order

1.Create food order through POS

2.Create kitchen order

Create kitchen order
Generate invoice

3.Generate invoice

4.Receive cash or card payment

Receive cash or card payment
Table Management

5.Table Management

6.Bill Management

Bill Management
Manage online food orders

7.Manage online food orders

All these devices will need software’s components to run you operations which is actually what we specialize in. What we can make for you are

  • Android POS

    Android POS

    You'll get the android interface for the tablet we talked about which will make the things easier while walking around.

  • Captain/Waiter App

    Captain/Waiter App

    The waiters or the head waiter can have their app tracking everything they need to know about table’s orders and service which would be really helpful if your restaurant is wide or have multiple floors.

  • Vendor Mobile App

    Vendor Mobile App

    As mentioned earlier the vendor, that is you can get updates on incoming orders and their deliveries.

  • Vendor Web Panel

    Vendor Web Panel

    If you prefer to use a computer system you can also have a panel interface where you will be able to have all these information right away with the help of the internet.

"Okay, everything sounds nice but setting everything up is going to be a tough grind." Is that what you're thinking? Oh, don’t worry about it. The hassle of setting the whole hardware setup is on us. Our experts could have the whole thing up and running in literally no time. You will have

  • An Android Tablet

    An Android Tablet

    You'll have a tablet with the setup running so that you don't have to run to the counter every time you have to. Since it's portable, you can take it with you as you move around through the outlet.

  • Cash Drawer

    Cash Drawer

    You will be provided with a smart cash drawer for the store which stays locked all the time and can only be unlocked using the system.

  • KOT Printer

    KOT Printer

    Though it's not essential if you want you can have a printer that prints the kitchen tickets into paper.

  • Handheld Mobile POS

    Handheld Mobile POS

    You'll have an additional device slightly larger than a Smartphone that can handle most of the operations of the whole system.

How does our

Restaurant POS benefit you?


A Cloud restaurant POS can be installed on different workstations and integrated with internet-connected devices such as Smartphone’s, tablets or robust handheld devices for enhanced mobility.

Better Remote Control
Better Remote Control Of Your Operations, 24/7

With Cloud Restaurant POS, you can access vital information with 24/7 convenience from anywhere in the world. You can make faster and more insightful business decisions with access to all reports.

Real-time Tracking
Real-time Tracking

You can incorporate and analyze business data in real-time with a restaurant cloud POS system. This allows them to make critical decisions based on insights that can effectively add value to your business operations. Managers can track sales as they happen, update prices, place orders and perform other functions because all data is instantly saved in the cloud.


The system does the billing free of human error and will also print receipts. Additionally, it is capable of merging and spitting bills.


The system can accept different payment methods (cash, card and online), keep track of payments, and much more. The improved analytics will give you accurate and convenient data about your expenses and income so you can always have a picture of your cash.

Table Management

Table Management

With restaurant cloud POS your dine-in orders become extremely easy to handle. This feature will monitor performance metrics such as guest count, seating, etc.

Kitchen Ticketing

Kitchen Ticketing

Everything is easy on the screen than on paper, right? With the integrated kitchen ticketing system the cooks and chefs at the kitchen can get all the information they need right away in on click and get rid of it as easy as it came once it's done. Or if you still want to do the good old way you can print the ticket down and sent it to the kitchen as well

Menu Management

Menu Management

Calculating and updating menu items more regularly and efficiently without printing costs and customizing items with preferences is convenient with a restaurant cloud POS.

Dine-in, take away and online order management

Dine-in, takeaway, or online ordering, you can manage all your orders in one place using a restaurant cloud POS.


Inventory Management

The system will always watch over the consumption of stock in your inventory, keep the recipes and help eliminate pilferage so that there will be no surprises.

Everything in the Same Place
Everything in the Same Place

The system will integrate and sort online orders from website, app or other delivery aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy alongside offline orders, keep track of them and make sure everything is prompt and perfect so that you can focus your time on other aspects, providing a quality service and love to your customers.