QR Menu

A more comprehensive digital menu

Satisfy your customers by offering a simplified QR menu for tableside ordering, delivery, takeaway, contactless payments and more.
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  • QR Menu makes the best possible digital display of your menu, making the entire ordering process contactless. Customers can order for Taking away, Dining in, and Online ordering contactless. It is an easy-to-use yet effective ordering system that can manage the entire process, including payment.

Steps to create a digital menu

QR Menu
  • QR Menu
    Use our admin panel to create menus for different sessions, seasons, cuisines
  • QR Menu
    list your dishes under different categories
  • QR Menu
    Add toppings, description, and price to each item
  • QR Menu
    Upload product image and videos


Customers can order dishes simply by scanning the QR Code of your restaurant.
  • Customers can order from the curb-side, dine-in table, or the menu card itself.
  • The easiest way to search and place an order for their favorite dishes
  • Make payment with cash, Card or UPI Payment
Setup Deals and offers
  • Give offers to dishes
  • Give seasonal discounts
  • Create combo offers
  • Hide an item from Menu
  • With one click, you can stop displaying a dish from the
    digital Menu so that customers won't order a dish once it is out of stock.
Product Features 
  • categories
    Unlimited Products and Categories
  • search
    Search and Filter
  • Rating
    Rating and reviews
  • Payment
    Multiple Payment Methods
  • languages
    Multiple languages
Benefits of

QR-Powered Digital Menus

for Restaurants
  • No need for printed menus
  • Better menu design with image and videos to upsell your food
  • Easy to Update & Change Menus
  • Speeds Up Table Turnover
  • Increased efficiency as the order and re-orders are placed without the staff approaching the guest.
  • Simple and easy interface similar to most popular delivery apps, making it easy for the guest to use.
  • No download of any app is required. When the guest scans the QR Code, a link pops up on the browser
  • The guest can place their order and pay directly through the digital menu.
  • Can be integrated with existing restaurant POS systems, online ordering systems
Benefits QR

Mobile Friendly Menu

Mobile Friendly Menu

Hope you know that most smart phones have a built-in QR Code scanner in their cameras; therefore, there is no need to go any extra mile to scan one, making it convenient. All you need is a Smartphone to scan the code printed in your menu, table, wall, counter or anywhere else, and it pops up on your mobile screen.

Admin Mobile App

It helps you to edit the menu whenever you want. You can edit prices and hide/un-hide menu items. Receive orders, change order statuses and see your restaurant sales and performance reports.

Admin Mobile App
Web Admin Panel

Admin Panel

It helps you to manage your entire restaurant operations, including QR menu creation. You can assign QR menus for each table separately. You can even know through which Captain’s/waiter’s QR menu the orders are placed.