Case Study


Online fashion store with website and admin panel, for Emenark, targeting woman modest fashion consumers pan India, competing with all online retailers

Project Timeline



52 Days


3 Members

Solution Modules

  • Website
  • Admin panel


Laravel, Angular & Mysql

Project Type

Online fashion store


Modest fashion


Emenark, a leading modest fashion brand, focused in providing designer dresses for woman who strive to appear trendy though modest in their fashion attire. The business emerged meeting orders generated through social media. Initially they were manually operating their order processing, dispatching and delivery.

Business Challenge

The brand overlooked the market gap among woman customers who wanted to be modest and fashionable simultaneously. The brand wanted to increase revenue, reduce operating expense, and reach wider geographies with a sophisticated shopping experience with simplified back end operations.


Offer a virtual touch and feel like experience of the fashion they sell, generate more repeated orders with personalized product suggestions and attract new customers with compelling product image and video.

Streamlining back end order accepting, processing and operations with real time notifications, integrating multiple payment options, offering insightful management dashboard enabling quick access to fast moving products, revenue projections, new customers acquired and sale on deals.

What Our Client Sought?

Our client wanted to develop a fashion store online with compelling product presentation, quick navigation and purchase volume based offers that impact conversion.

Time constraint

As the client wanted an impactful solution that attracts customers within few days product delivery without compromising on the quality was a real challenge for our team.


The solution scalability was the shared interest between us and client. Enhancing with latest integration was a nonstop process as client wanted to keep the solution enriched with every features available in the market.

Design First

Being in the apparel industry, the solution not only aesthetically appealing but also must excite customers as the target audience belongs to the kind who is over exposed to fashion, fad and trends.

Integrating diverse customer features

The client and we were passionate to incorporate every possible digital means to convert every prospect.

Design & Development Stage


Scoping the Idea

We had a scoping session to draw inferences on the project, that articulates all features, functions, processes, customer buying stages and the overall design specifications

Prototyping & Analysis

We then moved to the pre-engineering phase, with allocation of the resources, we discuss the root-level building, detailed preview, design approach, technical consulting and platform architecture.


UI and UX Design

Analyzing buying nature that is observed in modest fashion, we finalized the UI and UX that is exactly in line with customer journey the target audience and business demand.

Development & Implementation

Our expert engineers moved to production stage, later which is rigorously tested for every cases, then staged online for the final launch. At every stage client was informed about the updates and change requests and suggestions were considered. Client and staff were trained on performing day today tasks in the solution.


Final Launch

Our specialists launched the solution after all of the tastings has been done and after gradual quality assurance, guaranteeing the passage of the fickle acceptance process and the online store requirements.

Few Features

Personalized Product Suggestions
Compelling Product Image & Video
Coupons & Purchase Based Offers
SEO friendly
Payment Integration
Delivery Integration
Customizable Product Tags
Web Notification
Multiple Product Variants


100% Mobile and Responsive ecommerce website
Website optimized for search engine and conversions leading to a 300% increase in online sales by 3 months
Purchase volume based offers brought down cart abandonment by 20%.

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