Case Study


MyCalicut is a

Hyperlocal marketplace

for Kozhikode's All shopping deals, New product launches, Seasonal offers, events, etc. Buy online from your nearby shops and get delivered to your home.

Project Timeline



115 Days


5 Members

Solution Modules

  • Website,Admin panel, Android & iOS Customer App,Store Admin App, Delivery Agent App


Laravel, Flutter, NativeScript, Angular & Mysql

Project Type

Hyperlocal Marketplace




MyCalicut, a community triggered Hyperlocal marketplace empowering local merchants of Kozhikode.

The project began mid of 2020 and could on board hundreds of local stores and attained thousands of customer app installs within a short span of time and still counting, using the platform people order online from their neighborhood stores and delivery is prompted by store resources. MyCalicut support local merchants through its experiential ecommerce solutions that provide an enriched online shopping avenue to their customers coupled with flexible delivery fulfillment from their neighborhood stores.

Business Challenge

Kozhikode was known for its trade legacy, taking it forward, MyCalicut visualized the opportunity to provide a supporting hand to the traditional traders here, with a community based marketplace solution. Where all stores of Calicut can sell online. Customers who depend their neighborhood stores for grocery shopping and daily needs can experience the convenience of ordering online. The respective shops who receive orders from its surrounding neighborhoods will perform delivery with their own delivery vehicle and delivery boy.

The mission targeted to provide a helping hand to traditional unorganized set of struggling merchants. Most of them are family owned businesses, more over inherited from their ancestors, unless supported by younger generation from the family these businesses are fully run by elder generation. Who may not be proficient in modern technology and it’s opportunities. This caused a great struggle for the developers to keep the solution simplest even it need to accommodate multiple types of businesses, more over this has both services and product stores.


A brilliant architecture that combines different entities and stake holders together on a robust platform.

A crowd pulling deals and offers section, which enlists all offers, season sales, best deals in town, killing appearance, Intuitive navigation, compelling product display, quick re-ordering, rich management dashboard to prompt and fast decision making, Realtime communication between stores and customers, Quick re-ordering are few highlights.

Challenges in the making

  • The solution targets customers who depend their close neighborhood stores. So the store listing need to be localized. Where the products need to be globalized as they search for both store and products.
  • Being hyperlocal, being in Kozhikode, the land known for its trade legacy, the solution need not only be focusing retailers, since there are many businesses focusing wholesale division, clubbing both in single solution was a challenge.
  • MyCalicut aimed to provide a digital version of Calicut, which consist of businesses handling services and products. Customer journey need not be same for products and customers.
  • Technically MyCalicut brings multiple ends different elements and combines within a single robust architecture. Wholesale and retail, Stores, products and services, business types, branches, delivery, vendors.

Design & Development Stage



Articulating the customer behavior in buying daily needs, shopping from the neighborhood stores, we listed the scope of traditional merchants and finalized the set of features and functions. Meeting local merchants and identifying their day to day operations helped us bring out the best suite solution that fits in to the needs of local buyers and sellers.

Designing and Development

Standardizing the common practices was the primary concern when developing the solution for a wide varieties of business types. The development process succeeded considering the practices people follow when ordering daily needs, high value goods and services in a single platform.


UI and UX Design

Since the solution has room for both daily needs and high value goods, service and products, wholesale and retail - combining different category of customer journey was prime consideration in finalizing the UI & UX, fitting the best suite was the vision accomplished.

Few Features

Dedicated Deals & Offers Section
Store Based Product Presentation
Customizable Product
Store & Product Search
Configurable Vendor Plans
Real-Time Notification
SEO friendly


Attained 200+ stores and 1000+ App installs within a short span of time

Number of orders increased by 200% by means of digital promotions and PPC

Store based conversion increased for stores by using in store promotions.

Store footfalls boosted promoting store only deals via MyCalicut.

100+ stores fruitfully used digital marketing possibilities to boost sales where they had only non digital promotion arenas earlier.

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